When it comes to desirable places to live that are close to all the big attractions and destinations of the Triangle, it’s certainly hard to beat Cary, NC.
Originally a small off-shoot community on the outskirts of Raleigh, Cary has become a booming destination in its own right, with a myriad of activities, shops, restaurants and other amenities to attract central North Carolina residents.

The popularity of Cary is steadily growing, as well. As more and more people migrate to central North Carolina to be close to Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham, Cary is rapidly becoming the preferred place to call home.

So why is Cary, NC so coveted among new residents and homeowners throughout the triangle? Simply put, it all boils down to location.

Proximity to the Triangle
While Cary is generally considered a quieter area than its big city neighbors, the town is nevertheless close to everything that the triangle – namely Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill – has to offer. Several major highways either cut through or border Cary, including US Highway 64, Interstate 40, and the 440 Beltline, which makes it easy to travel to other destinations and cities all across the central NC region and beyond. (For example, the beaches and attractions of Wilmington are just a 2.5 hour drive away.)

A Quieter Setting
One of the biggest factors behind Cary’s popularity is its quieter and more relaxed setting. You won’t find many towering apartment or office buildings in Cary, but you will find plenty of wooded neighborhoods on quiet side streets, homes with nicely landscaped yards, and charming condominium complexes with plenty of indoor and outdoor amenities. The individual neighborhoods and communities within Cary have been well planned to ensure residents feel at home, and essentially feel miles away from the big city hustle and bustle. The quieter atmosphere – combined with the proximity to Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill – makes Cary an enticing location on all fronts.

Lots of Amenities
Cary may be close to the rest of the triangle, but new residents will quickly discover that they don’t have to venture very far from home to discover a wealth of amenities and things to do.

The city has a vibrant arts scene that’s anchored by The Cary Arts Center and The Cary Theater, and which also includes a collection of art galleries, classes, and other opportunities to experience the rich and unique culture of the Triangle.

In addition, the town is home to roughly a dozen city and community parks, including the sprawling Bond Park which is a popular spot for kayaking, fishing, hiking, and just enjoying the great outdoors. There’s also several golf courses in the area, a tennis park, numerous hiking and walking trails, and plenty of outdoor destinations that feel worlds away from the rest of the busy landscape.

Cary is also raising to fame for its shopping and dining opportunities. Home to several expansive shopping centers and plazas, and dozens of acclaimed restaurants, it’s an easy task to enjoy an evening out without every straying too far away from home. Popular shopping destinations like Cary Towne Center and Crossroads Plaza have become convenient and popular go-to destinations for everything from the essential groceries to high end retailers, which makes Cary an ideal locale for exploring her triangle’s cool dining and shopping scene.

From quiet neighborhoods to all the amenities a family could possibly need, Cary truly has it all. Discover why this up-and-coming destination is quickly becoming the preferred place to live in the triangle, and talk with an established and experienced Realtor like Lynell Eaddy today to find your ideal Cary home.