Sampling Cary’s Dining Scene

There are hundreds of restaurants in the Cary area, and coupled with the town’s specialty food shops, farmers’ markets, and expansive grocery stores, it creates a food scene that is pure paradise for residents with exceptional taste.

If you’re new to the area – or just want to satisfy a big appetite or a unique craving – then you’ll want to sample these cuisines that have put Cary on the map. From modern American to classic southern BBQ, Cary is a city that is brimming with flavor, and which can cater to all varieties of taste buds.

Ready to grab a fork and dive in? Then start your culinary adventures by sampling these homegrown or distinctive flavors that Cary is known for.

Arguably the state food of North Carolina, Cary’s selection of barbecue restaurants cover all the different styles and flavors that are found in the piedmont region and beyond. Feast on big portions of vinegar-based Eastern NC barbecue, or expand your horizons with smoky Texas or Tennessee varieties. There’s no shortage of ways to prepare this staple dish, so BBQ fans should feel free to explore the varying options to identify new flavors and styles to crave.

Cary is less than three hours away from the North Carolina coastline, and as such, a number of restaurants get arrivals of fresh NC seafood on a daily basis. Sample local favorites like flounder, oysters, shrimp, and scallops, or try something seasonal and unique like drum, pompano, or even Mahi – in Cary, the seafood scene is nicely varied, and is always brimming with local flavor.

Global Cuisine
From the mountains of Nepal, to the coastal landscapes of the Mediterranean, Cary is overflowing with global influences. Diners with a taste for the unique and the international will find themselves well represented when it comes to world cuisine, with multiple take-out, dine-in, and specialty market options. With everything from traditional Thai and Indian restaurants to eclectic Asian fusion bistros, Cary is a fine destination to uncover a world of flavors.

The craft brewery scene is exploding in North Carolina, and the Piedmont area is no exception to this new interest in specialty beers. Head to a local brewery (or winery) to sample unique brews straight from the tap, or check out a local restaurant or bar where there is sure to be plenty of North Carolina beers on the menu. From favorite local breweries to unique offerings from all across the state, the beer scene in Cary is truly worth toasting.

Fresh Produce
The Triangle is home to a number of produce markets and farmers’ markets, including the year-round farmers’ market in Raleigh, which is one of the largest in the state. With Cary’s proximity to a number of regional farms in the Piedmont area, it’s easy to fine homegrown flavors to cook and enjoy at home, and which change with every season.

There’s a lot to love about the dining scene in Cary, and ravenous residents will have a fine time uncovering all the cuisine options that this thriving community has to offer.

From global restaurants to local farmers’ markets, the dining scene in Cary is worthy of celebration for culinary explorers of all tastes.